The Wedding Banquet Movie Review

Movie Review by Anthony Leong © Copyright 1997

This romantic comedy was an American/Taiwanese production directed by Ang Lee (no relation to Spike), who also directed "Eat Drink Man Woman". Wai-Tung is the son of a rich Taiwanese family living in New York. Unknown to his family, he is gay and has lived with his American doctor boyfriend, Simon, for many years. His parents continuously pressure him to get married and have a child. At the same time, one of the tenants of the properties that Wai-Tung manages, Wei-wei, needs to get married to an American citizen to get a green card, or face deportation. Simon convinces Wai-Tung that both of these problems can be solved by a fictitious marriage, which would also allow for a nice tax break.

Unfortunately, Wai-Tung's parents announce that they will be visiting New York to see his new bride and attend the wedding. What ensues is a lavish banquet for the fraudulent marriage with all the friends and relatives attending. To further complicate matters, Wei-wei is in love with Wai-Tung and wants to make the marriage real. Meanwhile, Simon is trying his best pretending to be 'just a friend' and helping Wei-wei appear to be the perfect wife for Wai-Tung (there is cute scene where Wei-wei pretends to cook when the parents are in the kitchen, and Simon takes over when the parents leave the room). Things get really messy when it is discovered that Wei-Wei is pregnant. It is a romantic comedy that deals with love, marriage, homosexuality, and tradition.

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