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"THIS NEW SoHo" Episode Guide


16 Weeks of Help to Find the Right Tech Tools to Make your Small Office Successful

with CTV's Mark Schneider and IBM's Tom Vassos

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Mark Schneider of CTV's "Digital Desktop" and IBM e-business(tm) Advisor Tom Vassos illustrate how the 'right tech tools' can make your small office or home office successful.

 All episode summaries and supplemental information written by Anthony Leong, with material and assistance from Tom Vassos, his book Strategic Internet Marketing, and Mark Schneider.

List of Episodes

About Digital Desk


Meet the Cast


Episode 1: Ground Zero


Episode 2: Market Research on the Internet


Episode 3: Better Business Plans


Episode 4: Finding Money on the Web


Episode 5: Exploring Strategis


Episode 6: Communicate, Communicate, Communicate


Episode 7: Creating a Winning Web Site


Episode 8: Marketing Your Winning Web Site


Episode 9: Selling on the Internet


Episode 10: Cool Stuff!


Episode 11: Computing Equipment for the SoHo


Episode 12: The Fashion Shoot


Episode 13: More Effective E-mail


Episode 14: Taking on the World


Episode 15: Business Services on the Web


Episode 16: All Good Things...


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Behind the Scenes of This New SoHo

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