Homoeroticism on The Simpsons?

Essay by Anthony Leong © Copyright 1997

Homoeroticism has always been in the background in The Simpsons, via the character of Smithers in his occasional appearance. However, this season, there seems to be a sudden surge in the number of homoerotic references:

'Corn' is slang for gay sex, and this reference appeared in two episodes this season. The first appearance ws in the episode where Homer became friends with the gay owner of a memorabilia store. When he is over for dinner, he notices the corncob curtains that have hung in the kitchen of the Simpsons for years. He mentions that he loves the drapes. "It's just corn," Marge replies. "I KNOW" is the reply.

The second reference occurs in the latest episode, which had Lisa and Bart being sent to a military school. A few of the students, returning to their dormitories under the cover of night, say "It was worth sneaking in to town. That was GOOD CORN."

Finally, a sexual suggestion is made in the episode where Homer was making bootleg beer in his basement, Moe drops by Homer's secret lab and demands more beer for his customers. Homer, unable to supply him any, picks up a bottle of turpentine and says "How about some turpentine?". Moe refuses, and Homer goes to the next item, a caulking gun. "How about some caulk? You want some caulk Moe?" Homer asks. "No Homer, I don't want any caulk," Moe replies.

Is there some homoerotic subtext underlying The Simpsons? Or is it just my twisted imagination?

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