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Last updated: 3/30/2007



McKesson Canada Media

Though it reads like an interview, this was originally an article I wrote on McKesson Canada's government relations strategy and was modified into an interview piece after the fact. One of the rare times I actually put words in the mouth of my boss!

(Pg. 1 2)


National Post

The article "Korean Cinema Attacks!", celebrating the release of "The Host" in Canada, includes a number of quotes from me. Read the article here or view the scanned article.



Hansard of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario

Appeared before the Standing Committee on Social Policy during the public hearings on Ontario's Bill 102, the Transparent Drug System for Patients Act



OZ Entertainment Magazine

I got the cover feature on Asian Airline's in-flight magazine, OZ Entertainment, entitled "From Il Mare to The Lake House"

(View a pdf scan of the article here)

Return to the Planet of the Apes DVD

My article on The Planet of the Apes is quoted on the back of the animated series DVD: (Pg. 1)

Global Nation

I was quoted in the article "Korean Tsunami: Lessons for RP's Film Industry" in this international Filipino publication.

Read the online version of the article here or view a scan


Boston Globe

I was quoted in the article "Diversity marks South Korean cinema".

Read the online version of the article at Boston.com or view a scan


Variety Magazine

The Special Report on Japanese film studio Shochiku's 110th anniversary (4/25/2005, page A2) features "The Sword and the Dollar", an article by me on Shochiku's international business

(Page 1)


Variety Magazine

The Special Report on Korean films at Cannes (5/14/2005) features "Bubble Trouble", an article by me on the Korean film industry

(Page 1)

Accenture Brochure

For some inexplicable reason, my "My Sassy Girl" review is mentioned in this consulting firm's 2004 movie-themed brochure on Enterprise IT solutions for Asia-Pacific.

View the .pdf document here


Ricepaper Magazine

The Spring 2005 issue of this Canadian Chinese culture magazine features a review of my book, though they refer to me as 'Arthur Leung'.

(Page 1)


Peppermint Candy R1 DVD

YA Entertainment and YesAsia.com quote from my review of "Peppermint Candy" for the film's North American DVD release.

Check out the DVD cover, the YesAsia banner, and my review on YA Entertainment's catalog.


Singles R1 DVD

YA Entertainment has my review of "Singles" for the film's North American DVD release.

Check out YA Entertainment's catalog.


The Times

The entertainment section of The Times quotes from my book in an article on South Korean cinema.

View the .pdf version here or see the original article here.


IMS Health Canada's PharmaFocus 2008 Publication

Once again, I was invited to write 2 chapters (Drug Distribution, Retail Pharmacy) in this annual pharmaceutical industry publication

Asian Cult Cinema (No. 43)

My review of Johnnie To's PTU graces this issue


CNN Today on CNN International

At 7:25 am on May 21 Hong Kong time, I had a live telephone interview with Kristi Lu Stout for my thoughts on Asian films at Cannes, as well as why South Korea is the 'new Hong Kong'.


San Francisco Chronicle's SFGate.com

The July 1, 2004 edition features an article on Korean cinema, entitled "Korean Movies, Hold the Koreans ", which mentions my book and features a couple of quotes from me.

Check out the original online article or read a pdf.


24 Frames: The Cinema of Japan and Korea

I contributed Chapter 18 (Nowhere to Hide) in this volume of essays on Asian cinema.


Variety Magazine

The World Report South Korea edition (10/4/2004 daily or 10/4-10/10/2004 weekly edition, pages A1, A4, A10) features 3 articles by me, including the lead article "Behind the Boom", profiles of 5 top Korean directors, and a sidebar on "Shiri".

(Pg. 1 2 3)


Korean Cinema: The New Hong Kong

My first book is published!

Read the press release and excerpts

Click here to get your copy!

Asian Cult Cinema (No. 38)

An expanded version of my review of Shaolin Soccer (Pg. 1 2)




Anchorage Daily News (Feb. 7, 2003)

My new book gets a brief mention in the 'Film Clips' section (Pg. 1)

Asian Cult Cinema (No. 39)

My first cover feature, Korean Cinema: The New Hong Kong, promotes my new book (Book announcement Pg. 1 2 3 4)

IMS Health Canada's PharmaFocus 2007 Publication

I was invited to write 2 chapters (Drug Distribution, Retail Pharmacy) in this annual pharmaceutical industry publication (View List of Authors)

Asian Cult Cinema (No. 40)

My second cover feature, Sassy Girls & Funny Gangsters (Pg. 1 2 3 4 5 6)

Cinescape (No. 72)

My favorite magazine has a review of my book Korean Cinema: The New Hong Kong. A longer review is also available on the Cinescape site (Pg. 1)



Asian Cult Cinema (No. 34)

An article on the 'Korean New Wave', featuring Shiri and Tell Me Something (Pg. 1 2 3 4)

Frontier (No. 24)

Four recent movie reviews make the cut: The Time Machine, K-Pax, The Lord of the Rings, and Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (Pg. 1 2 3 4)

The Heroic Trio DVD

My review of The Heroic Trio is quoted ("Exciting Action Sequences!") on the back of the Miramax DVD release: (Pg. 1)

Literature/Film Quarterly (Vol. 30, Issue 2)

My review of Regeneration is referenced in this article: (Pg. 1)


The Planet of the Apes Chronicles

Edited by Paul A. Woods

Those Damned Dirty Apes! is the opening chapter of this coffee table book (Pg. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8)

Elements of English 10

Edited by Douglas Hilker and Sue Harper

My review of The Red Violin becomes study material for Grade 10 English students in Canada (Pg. 1 2 3 4 5)

Bab5Com (Issue 2)

Edited by Estrella Negra

My article Babylon 5: Triumph and Tragedy in Three Acts is translated into Spanish (Pg. 1 2 3 4 5)




OFCS Awards 2001

My review for Memento is quoted on the OFCS publicity sheet for 'Best Picture' (Pg. 1)

Asian Cult Cinema (No. 32)

Tokyo Raiders Movie Review (Pg. 1 2 3)

Asian Cult Cinema (No. 33)

Article on the controversial Japanese film Battle Royale (Pg. 1 2 3 4)

Also see the editorial on why I was asked to write the article (Pg. 1)

Frontier (No. 22)

Looking Back at V (Pg. 1 2 3)

Shrek Movie Review (Pg. 1)

The Mummy Returns Movie Review (Pg. 1)

George Lucas in Love DVD Review (Pg. 1)

Frontier (No. 23)

Rebooting Tron (Pg. 1 2)

A.I. Movie Review (Pg. 1)

Atlantis: The Lost Empire Movie Review (Pg. 1)

Also check out my interview with the World Journal, a Chinese-language newspaper, that talked to me about my career and the challenges of growing up in Canada (Pg. 1)





OFCS Awards 2000

My review for Traffic is quoted on the OFCS publicity sheet for 'Best Supporting Actor' for Benicio Del Toro (Pg. 1)


Dreamworks placed a full-page ad in the January 7th issue thanking critics for their appreciation of American Beauty. In the bottom half of the ad, 'Anthony Leong (MediaCircus.net)'appears in print (sorry, no scan available).

Asian Cult Cinema (No. 26)

Anna and the King: Story Behind the Story (Pg. 1 2)

Asian Cult Cinema (No. 28)

My reviews of Mission: Impossible 2 and Shanghai Noon are included in a feature on Asian summer movies (Pg. 1 2 3 4)

Asian Cult Cinema (No. 29)

The Legacy of Star Blazers: 20 Years Later (Pg. 1 2 3)

Also check out a kind letter to the editor about this article in Issue 30 (Pg. 1)

Frontier (No. 18)

The Legacy of Star Blazers (Pg. 1 2)

Sci-fi Tricks (Pg. 1 2)

Galaxy Quest Movie Review (Pg. 1)

Being John Malkovich Movie Review (Pg. 1)

The Iron Giant Movie Review (Pg. 1)

Frontier (No. 19)

Blade Runner Blues (Pg. 1 2)

Pitch Black Movie Review (Pg. 1)

Mission to Mars Movie Review (Pg. 1)

Free Enterprise DVD Review (Pg. 1)

Frontier (No. 20)

Those Dirty Apes! (Pg. 1 2 3 4)

Battlefield Earth Movie Review (Pg. 1)

Frequency Movie Review (Pg. 1)

Frontier (No. 21)

Space Cowboys Movie Review (Pg. 1)


National Post

As an e-business consultant at IBM, I was quoted on my thoughts relating to fulfillment issues faced by e-retailers (Pg. 1 2)




OFCS Awards 1999

My review for Magnolia is quoted on the OFCS publicity sheet for the film's ranking in the OFCS Top 10 (Pg. 1)

Asian Cult Cinema (No. 22)

My first article for Asian Cult Cinema: Meditation on Loss: A Framework for the Films of Wong Kar Wai (Pg. 1 2 3)

Also check out one reader's response in a Letter to the Editor from No. 23 (Pg. 1)

Asian Cult Cinema (No. 23)

I face off against another critic in The Corruptor: A Difference of Opinion (Pg. 1 2)

Asian Cult Cinema (No. 25)

I explore The Cultural Context of Rouge (Pg. 1 2 3)

Also check out one reader's response in Letters to the Editor from No. 26 (Pg. 1)

Frontier (No. 14)

The Final Cut? (Pg. 1 2 3 4)

Frontier (No. 15)

The End of Babylon 5 (Pg. 1 2 3 4)

Wing Commander Movie Review (Pg. 1)

Virus Movie Review (Pg. 1)

Frontier (No. 16)

My review of Star Wars Episode I kicks off a section on fan reaction to the film (Pg. 1 2 3)

eXistenZ Movie Review (Pg. 1)

The Matrix Movie Review (Pg. 1)

Frontier (No. 17)

Universal Soldier: The Return Movie Review (Pg. 1)


The Pioneer Press

My X-Files conspiracy page caught the attention of a reporter from Minnesota's Pioneer Press who interviewed me for my thoughts on the X-Files: Fight the Future movie (Pg. 1)

Toronto Fashion Incubator

As a result of my work with Tom Vassos and CTV NewsOne for the TV series This New SoHo, I was asked to write a brief article for TFI's monthly newsletter about the show (Pg. 1)

Frontier (No. 12)

My very first published article! X-Files: Fight the Future Movie Review (Pg. 1 2)

Frontier (No. 13)

Smallpox and Bees: The X-Files Model for Gene Therapy (Pg. 1 2 3)

Hart House Film Board

My short film "Sling Blade II: Carl on Patrol" was featured at the HHFB's Annual Gala Screening, and here's the program (Pg. 1 2)


As a recipient of the Novopharm Award in the last year of my undergraduate pharmacy program, my picture appeared in the November issues of the Canadian Pharmaceutical Journal and Drug Merchandising.

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