Margaret's Museum Movie Review

Movie Review by Anthony Leong © Copyright 1997

This Canadian/Scottish production won lots of Genies and received other assorted accolades and is now available on video. It's a real downer of a movie. It follows the story of Margaret (Helene Bonham Carter), a young woman in a Nova Scotia coal mining town who lost her brother and her father to accidents in the 'pit'. Everything in the town revolves around the 'pit', providing both a means of support for the townspeople and an executioner. Margaret falls in love with a six-foot tall brute of a man, Neil, who doesn't want to work in the mines (which is good, since Margaret doesn't want to marry a mineworker only to lose him to a mining accident). Meanwhile, she has a younger brother who is in love with the mining company manager's daughter and is slowly being drawn towards the 'pit' for his future career. As the film progresses, everything that Margaret holds dear is gradually stripped away by the 'pit' and she falls into an abyss of madness. As I said, it's a depressing film.

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