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Film is the literature of the Twentieth Century.
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At Love in Fall Productions (the entertainment division of Anthony C. Leong Drugs Ltd.), we believe in the ideal expressed above. Had William Shakespeare, Jane Austen, or Samuel Beckett been born today, would they be screenwriters, and if so, what kinds of films would they write?

Love in Fall Productions strives to make literate films that speak to the audience on many levels and encourage reflection on universal themes. Through the use of narrative techniques with a basis in literature, our films are truly 'intellectual puzzles' that require active participation of the viewer to bring with them their own experience in order to uncover the themes being expressed.

Love in Fall

It's like falling in love, only in reverse.

Production Date		July 1987
Genre			Short film
Running Time		13 minutes
Format			VHS
The Guy			William Chung
The Girl		Howcy Yeung
The Subconscious	Chris Theis
Cameras			Anthony Leong, Richard Price
Written by		Anthony Leong, William Chung
Produced by		Anthony Leong, William Chung
Directed by		Anthony Leong, William Chung

The Guy (William Chung), after having rushed down to the University of Toronto for a lab that has just been cancelled, sits alone in a student lounge and reflects on an acceptance letter to Oxford, belonging to his girlfriend. In a voice-over, we hear an argument between him and the Girl (Howcy Yeung)-- she is leaving and he is reluctant to let her go. The Guy falls asleep and soon wakes up to find that everyone around him is 'frozen'. After finding himself unable to rouse any of them from their trance-like state, he finds himself pursued by a figure in white, the Subconscious (Chris Theis). Eventually he is cornered and the Subconcious tells him, "let her go, it's over". He wakes up and drives off to the airport to catch up with his girlfriend, reminiscing about their relationship as he drives. He catches up with her just as she is about to enter the gate. He embraces her one last time, and returns the acceptance letter back to her. As the plane takes off, the Guy watches from the edge of the airfield.

Stuck: All about life, love, and LANs

It's easy to say when a relationship ends, but how do you know when one begins?

Production Date		July 1996
Genre			Romance
Running Time		98 minutes
Format			VHS
Julie			Laurie Dillon
Nick			Anthony Leong
Monica			Kim Luke
Todd			Khoman Phang
Landlord		Kyle Suh
Craig			Tony Teekasingh
Cameras			Derek Leong, Anthony Leong
Featuring Music by	Grean, Mike Botelho, William Chung
Written by		Anthony Leong
Produced by		Anthony Leong
Directed by		Anthony Leong

Your atypical philosophical internet romance that deals with the ambiguity of relationships, as well as the emotional and intellectual paralysis that arises from catastrophic change.

Sling Blade II: Carl On Patrol

I reckon I got no reason to kill nobody... but if I did, I'd whup dem upside the head with a kaiser blade, though some folks call it a sling blade.

Production Date		September 1997
Genre			Comedy/Short Film
Running Time		15 minutes
Format			VHS
Carl Childers		Paul Hornsveld
Dave			Edward Lee
Shoplifter		Anthony Leong
Customer		Derek Leong
Supervisor		Greg Pare
Jennifer		Jennifer Webster
Connie			Connie Wowk
Cameras			Derek Leong, Anthony Leong
Featuring Music by	The Smalltown Preachers, Frank Black, The Sundays
Story by		Anthony Leong, Paul Hornsveld
Screenplay by		Anthony Leong
Produced by		Anthony Leong
Directed by		Anthony Leong

Carl Childers is out of the 'nervous hospital' again, and gets a job as a security guard in an all-night drug store.

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