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Reviews of Korean Cinema: The New Hong Kong

"A-... a great book about movies that can be recommended for all film fans." Read more In-print review (Chris Wyatt, Cinescape)

"If one expects dry academic analysis - don't, because Leong makes the guidebook an entertaining and fun read without the stuffiness of texts used in far too many university film classes." Read more (Kenneth Quan, Asia Pacific Arts Online)

"A great read" (Jay Knowles, Ain't It Cool News)

Cover of Korean Cinema: The New Hong Kong

"For the newly initiated Korean cinephile, this will help to explain who’s who, what’s what and which film you should see next." (Terry Hong, AsianWeek.com)

"This book is a kind of introductory DVD guide book and is helpful for Korean film beginners." (Noh Kwang Woo, correspondent for the Korean Film Commission and coordinator for the 2002 New York Korean Film Festival)

"…a much needed resource for what has been the hottest genre since the Hong Kong explosion. I have/will continue to recommend it to others." (PokerIndustries.com)

"This is great work... this book is useful and helpful for persons who want to know about Korean films and what is going on in the Korean film community." (Byeong-Gwan Yu, Cinekorea.com)

"Korean Cinema: The New Hong Kong is essential reading for anyone interested in Korean cinema. I learned more about the Korean film industry from reading Anthony Leong's comprehensive book than I had by working with the Korean film industry for over two years." (Roy Lee, Vertigo Entertainment, Executive Producer of "The Ring")

"It's designed for people who are in the process of discovering Korean film, and it's especially useful for people who are building DVD collections... 266 pages in total, so there's a lot of information... I'd recommend it." Read more (Darcy Paquet, Koreanfilm.org, Screen International correspondent, and English language editor for the Korean Film Commission)

"Anthony Leong has taken the study of Asian Cinema to the next level. This book helps make sense of Korean cinema. It's an authoritative text, yet thoroughly entertaining, while being the definitive word of this exploding motion picture genre. No film enthusiast should be caught without this book." (Thomas Weisser, Editor of Asian Cult Cinema magazine)

"Finally a book on Korean cinema has arrived that everyone can get excited about. It is a veritable roadmap to the Korean New Wave of the past few years with just enough contextual historical background information along with a vast slew of informative and opinionated film reviews that will have you pulling out your credit card and tracking them down on the Internet." (Brian Naas, Subway Cinema)

"Great to read, fantastic short reviews and pictures to help you make your decisions, you can’t go wrong with... Korean Cinema: The New Hong Kong." Read more (Daniel Nguyen, Kung-fu Cult Cinema)

"The finest and most accurate book to date on the Korean Cinema genre... This is the best reference guide for film fans and shoppers looking to get into (or get informative info on) Korean cinema offerings." Read more (Allen Fry, Kyonsi.com)

"...undoubtedly succeeds in its self-proclaimed role as 'a guidebook for the latest Korean New Wave' and as such provides an entertaining and informative read for those new to Korean cinema, or those who have already been converted and are seeking guidance as to what film to buy next." Read more (Barry Woodcock, DVDTimes)

"As more and more modern classics come out of the Korean peninsula, readers will be left thirsting for more sharp insights and well-researched commentary from this author." Read more (Jenny Uechi, Ricepaper)

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