Hollow Point Movie Review

Movie Review by Anthony Leong © Copyright 1997

Good acting gigs must be really hard to find these days... how else can one explain Donald Sutherland and John Lithgow ending up in the trashy straight-to-video "Hollow Point", also starring some unknown Bruce-Springsteen-lookalike Thomas Ian Griffith and Tia Carrere ("Wayne's World", M&Ms commericals).

If you want to see a really stupid movie that insults your intelligence... this is it. With its comic-book characterizations, gratuitous T&A, cheesy dialogue, hokey plot-holes so big that you could drive a truck through them, and production goof-ups, it's a wonder it even got released on video.

Tia Carrere is an FBI agent out to get a bigshot druglord (Lithgow at his cheesiest) and she crosses paths with a DEA agent (Griffith). They spend the whole movie bickering and trying to outdo each other to get to the druglord (since whichever organization cracks the case first gets the profits from the seizure). This insipid plot is further complicated by a hitman (Sutherland) who is sent to kill Carrere's best friend 'as a lesson' but ends up being double-crossed by Lithgow. So incredulously, the three team up to bring down the druglord with a juvenile plan straight out of a Pauly Shore movie.

It's dubbed an 'action-comedy'-- it has neither. The action sequences have no 'kick' and the comedy is funny. The only value is finding all the little errors made. For example, there is a scene where Carrere stops the car in front of a motel where the hit man is hiding. She turns off the engine and steps out of the car, clearly leaving the keys in the ignition. A few moments later, after a big explosion, she runs back to the car, and the keys are in her pocket! Another one: the story takes place in Baltimore, but a passing shot of a phone booth shows that they are actually in New York.

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