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Freddy Got Fingered Movie Review

Movie Review by Anthony Leong © Copyright 2001

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If you're looking for the absolute worst movie of the year, the motion picture with the least redeeming value, and a cinematic experience that could not possibly be any worse, then look not further, because "Freddy Got Fingered" is here. Tom Green may have been an odd curiosity with his gross-out self-titled MTV show, in his occasional film appearances ("Road Trip" and "Charlie's Angels"), or his numerous publicity stunts (such as appearing on an Ottawa rooftop with Monica Lewinsky), but in the case of his directorial debut "Freddy Got Fingered", it appears that the bizarro comic has finally worn out his unwarranted welcome.

Tom Green

The plot (if such a thing exists here) revolves around Gord Brody (Green), who travels to Hollywood to find fame as a cartoonist. Not surprisingly, things don't work out, and he is forced to move back into mom (Julie Hagerty of "U-Turn") and dad's (Rip Torn of "Men in Black") basement. As Gord unsuccessfully tries to find another means of earning a living (such as working in a cheese sandwich factory), he also cozies up with his new girlfriend Betty (Marisa Coughlan of "Gossip"). Oh, did I mention that she's a rocket scientist confined to a wheelchair with a proclivity to exotic modes of pleasuring? Unfortunately, Gord's insane and inane behavior gets the best of Dad (including being accused of molesting Gord's brother Freddy, hence the title), and pretty soon the two men of the house are at each other like Tom chases Jerry.

Green and Rip TornMarisa Coughlan

Tom Green is well-known for doing anything for a laugh, and in "Freddy Got Fingered", he spends 90 minutes doing that just that. Unfortunately, it is questionable if anyone in their right mind would consider the clothesline of unconnected and pathetically unfunny bits to be even mildly humorous. The so-called 'humor' in this movie is so perverse and so mean-spirited that it will kill any hope for even a sympathy chuckle. Are we supposed to laugh when a child is beaten bloody, an elephant is 'manually stimulated' to fend off an attacker, or when Gord grabs a newborn baby by the umbilical cord and swings it around like a lasso? Instead of being a showcase for the skills of a supposed comic genius, "Freddy Got Fingered" ends up becoming a tapestry of desperation, created by an artist who knows no bounds in debasing himself and others.

If I were to make a list of the absolute worst films of all time, I'm pretty sure "Freddy Got Fingered" would have the dubious honor of being at the top of the pile. Tom Green may have been mildly amusing as the narrator in "Road Trip" and tolerable as 'the Chad' in "Charlie's Angels", but given the painful and insulting tripe seen in this directorial debut, there should be law passed prohibiting him from getting in front or behind a camera ever again, and damn the constitution. By single-handedly managing to push the limits of bad taste in completely new directions, thereby making the likes of "American Pie" and "Scary Movie" seem almost puritan in comparison, "Freddy Got Fingered" deserves the finger.

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