Increase in Entropy

This poem by Anthony Leong © Copyright 1997

Second Law of Thermodynamics

Whenever a spontaneous event,
Takes place in our universe,
It is accompanied by an overall increase,
In entropy.

Manning College School

Manning College School,
A fine upstanding institution,
Occupies space and has mass.
A small part of the universe.
With 800 students,
And 50 teachers galore.
All of whom travel,
One mile or more.

8:15 am

A disorder of young men,
Dribble off the murky bus,
Amid yells and complaints.
It is warm on the bus,
Yet the autumn breeze waits outside.
A notebook is lost on the bus,
And is trampled on by wet feet.


The maintenance,
Of a balanced inner state.

8:30 am

The bell rings loudly,
But two minutes late.
The aging centurion speaks,
Of maintaining proper behavior,
And the abolition of vandalism.
He too is a dreamer,
Like you and me.

10:00 am

Geoffrey is in Calculus,
His energy is directed,
To the computation of,
Derivatives and tangents,
And the limits of sequences of secant slopes,
As the lengths of the chords,
Approach zero.
As he computes the existence of God,
The batteries in his calculator,


The part of the universe under study,
And separated from the surroundings,
By a real or imaginary boundary.

Discipline/Behavior Code

With the exception of senior students,
You are not allowed to leave school grounds,
During the school day.
Manning College School,
Is surrounded by a wire fence,
A boundary which separates us,
From the outside.
Though the fence is in a state of disrepair,
The administration seems not to care.

10:40 am

Michael takes Physics in 211,
Where he learns about matter and energy,
And three significant digit accuracy.
There are numerous measuring devices in 211.
Such as spring scales
Triple-beam balances,
And tape tickers.
There are approximately 39 clocks in Brebeuf,
And approximately 850 watches,
None of them exact.
Michael turns around quickly,
And knocks his pencil case over,
Scattering its contents all over.
It feels colder...

Homeostasis and Social Structure

Homeostasis in society,
Is maintained by control of rewards.

At Manning College School,

There are numerous problem students,
Students who are indolent,
Slothful and good-for-nothing.
They have a negative effect,
Upon their peers.
But they can't be expelled.

What to Do If...?

If you see a window broken,
Or any other type of damage done,
Report this immediately,
To the Main Office.
If you made a mistake,
Or caused a problem,
Own up to it.
We can live with the truth.

Inventory Roster

Among the objects lost or broken,
We have these statistics:
3 ball-point pens,
1 HB pencil,
4 Papermate refills,
1 student in Grade Ten.
5 science notebooks,
9 blazers,
2 test tube clamps,
6 library books.
5 calculators,
4 pairs of shoes,
And if anyone has seen the janitor,
There is a spill to be mopped up.

2:40 pm

The school day ends,
And anarchy usurps a bus.
As the sun dims in the west,
Eternity becomes now.


This is how the world ends,
Not with a whimper or bang,
Contrary to T.S. Eliot.
Not with fire or ice,
Contrary to Robert Frost,
But by an increase in entropy.

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