Dead Man Movie Review

Movie Review By Anthony Leong © Copyright 1997

"Dead Man", the post-modern take on the Western (a Post-Western!) is the latest film from Jim Jarmusch and is now available on video. It stars Johnny Depp as William Blake, an accountant that comes to accept his own mortality. It begins with William taking a train ride through the scenic landscape of the American Midwest to a small town where he has a job offer. However, once he arrives, he learns that his job is already taken. He becomes involved with a prostitute, who happens to be the girlfriend of his would-be boss' son. An exchange of gunfire ensues and both the boss' son and the prostitute are killed. William also ends up with a mortal wound and runs off. A price is put on his head, and soon bounty hunters are on his trail.

From that point on, the longest death scene plays itself out. Along the way, William meets up with a Native American named Nobody, who thinks that William is THE William Blake, the famous poet. Other sordid characters on his journey to immortality include three 'Deliverance' men and a sadistic serial-killer bounty hunter (Lance Henrikson). To summarize this movie succinctly:

The Good

The Bad

The Ugly

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