The Cable Guy Movie Review

Movie Review By Anthony Leong © Copyright 1997

There are usually three rules I abide by when I choose which movies to watch:

  1. Avoid any movie starring anyone who used to be on the cast of "Saturday Night Live".
  2. Avoid any movie with a name ending in "Academy".
  3. Avoid any movie starring Jim Carrey or Pauly Shore.

Well, I just broke rule #3 when I rented "The Cable Guy". Directed by Ben Stiller (he used to have a TV show on Fox), this movie is a slight departure from Jim Carrey's former movies. Sure he makes the rubber faces, babbles on incessantly, and acts generally annoying... but because he is in an intelligently-written satire, this is a Jim Carrey movie actually worth watching.

The premise is simple. Matthew Broderick is a man who learns that he can get free pay-TV if he slips the cable guy fifty dollars. Unfortunately, Jim Carrey is the cable guy, and a manipulative/abusive/quid-pro-quo relationship develops (if only people could differentiate between the exchange of goods and friendship...). Throw in references to TV shows and pop culture, the merciless up-ending of melodramatic conventions, and a psychedelic Karaoke sequence, and you have one deliciously-executed black comedy. It's too bad the kids will be scratching their heads (hell, just let'em watch Ace).

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