Bitter Moon

Movie Review By Anthony Leong © Copyright 1997

This movie, a sort-of-sequel to "Smoke", was thrown together with leftover film after "Smoke" was finished filming. The only main actor from "Smoke" to return is Harvey Keitel (Auggie), but all the minor characters from "Smoke" are here. When I say 'thrown together', I mean 'thrown together'. The scenes and the dialogue were made-up-as-they-went-along by the actors. Another crew went around Brooklyn to get soundbites from Brooklyners. And what they ended up with was a stream-of-consciousness mish-mash of bizarre situations and interesting monologues about the people living in Brooklyn. Which is actually pretty good, considering the circumstances (the only other film I know that was 'thrown together' and that actually was a good movie was Wong Kar-wai's philosophical pop romance "Chungking Express"-- the script for a scene was written in the afternoon and then filmed later that night). The title refers to the bad habit of Brooklyners of talking 'til they're 'blue in the face', which they do a lot of in this movie.

There are lots of great cameos to look out for: Lou Reed (talking about everything under the sun), Roseanne (she wants to pursue a dream of going to Vegas), Madonna (delivering a singing telegram-- hey, a movie with Madonna in it that's actually good!), Michael J. Fox (an insane genius with a wacky survey), Jim Jarmusch (the director of "Dead Man", with some interesting revelations about smoking), an unrecognizable Lily Tomlin (see if you can spot her), and RuPaul (you'll definitely recognize him/her/it).

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