Army of Darkness

Movie Review By Anthony Leong © Copyright 1997

This Sam Raimi-directed feature ("Darkman", "The Quick and the Dead") is an in-your-face tongue-in-cheek sword-and-sorcery story that revolves around Ash, a loud-mouth arrogant S-Mart employee trying to return home after being trapped in the 13th century. To return home, he must quest for the Necronomicron (Book of the Dead), and on the way he runs into many comical situations. Though some of the special effects are laughably cheap, the use of dramatic pause and strange camera angles make this movie a visual treat. Also, Bruce Campbell's performance as Ash, with his witty deadpan delivery is a lot of fun to watch. Classic lines include, "Shop smart, shop S-mart!" and "Now listen up you primitives! This... this is my BOOMSTICK!" Also watch for one of the cast members of "Seaquest" in an early role (he also happens to be the director's brother).

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