The MediaCircus Worst 10 Films of 2001

Article by Anthony Leong © Copyright 2002

Unlike choosing the top ten films of the year from among a select few, there were plenty of choices for creating a list of the truly bad films of the year. Narrowing such a large list down to the ten absolute worst, the films that possess the least redeeming value humanly possible, was not an easy task, but I managed through this thankless task, and here are the fruits of my labor.

In deciding on the worst ten for the year, one film was clearly knee-deep below the rest, a film that demonstrated not only sheer lack of taste, but also probably set back the entire medium at least a few years. Thus, the worst film of 2001 is:

Freddy Got Fingered

If you're looking for the absolute worst movie of the year, a cinematic experience that could not possibly be any worse than staring at the sun until blind, then look not further, because "Freddy Got Fingered" is here. Tom Green may have been an odd curiosity with his gross-out self-titled MTV show, in his occasional film appearances (such as "Charlie's Angels"), or his numerous publicity stunts (such as appearing on an Ottawa rooftop with Monica Lewinsky), but in the case of his directorial debut, it appears that the bizarro comic has finally worn out his unwarranted welcome.

 The remaining nine runners-up, listed in alphabetical order:

3000 Miles from Graceland

'I Got Stung' and 'I Feel So Bad'... imagine the previous year's "Reindeer Games" (which was, interestingly enough, also released on the last weekend of February), only the casino being robbed is in Las Vegas and the thieves wear Elvis outfits instead of Santa Claus costumes. However, the protagonist is still a recently paroled convict who becomes involved with, you guessed it, a woman of questionable motives. Presto-change-o, and you have "3000 Miles from Graceland", an unremarkable, overly long, and overblown production that takes you nowhere you want to go.

American Pie 2

A second serving of "Pie" so stupid that it's spelled S-T-O-O-P-I-D.

Angel Eyes

 Though "The Wedding Planner" was already pretty bad to begin with, chanteuse Jennifer Lopez outdid herself a few months later in "Angel Eyes", playing a street-smart Chicago cop who falls for a mysterious stranger (James Caviezel of "Frequency"). In addition to being a muddled mess of hard-hitting drama, romance, and mysticism, this carelessly produced romance even fails to get its geography right (gee, since when was the CN Tower located in Chicago?).

Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles

 You would probably have more fun watching reruns of the 'Crocodile Hunter' Steve Irwin chasing 'snikes' than sitting through the recycled humor, lifeless gags, and terrible acting found in "Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles"-- a movie franchise that has hit the 'snooze' button on its fifteen minutes of fame far too often.

Exit Wounds

 Almost a year to the day of the release of "Romeo Must Die" comes yet another hip-hop-karate-chop-beat'em-up from producer Joel Silver and director Andrzej Bartkowiak. However, instead of having to put up with the limited thesping abilities of martial arts maven Jet Li, audiences are treated to the limited thesping abilities of martial arts has-been Steven Seagal, whose career essentially sputtered to a halt in the late Nineties with low-budget and low-brain actioners. The marketing for the film certainly doesn't lie when the poster states, "This is gonna hurt"-- in fact, it's excruciatingly painful.

Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back

For those who have never heard of the View Askew universe or only have a passing knowledge of it, "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back" will appear to be little more than a this mish-mash of Zucker Brothers' parody, juvenile toilet humor, and Robert Altman-style name-dropping that doesn't quite work. And if you are familiar with the films of Kevin Smith, it still doesn't work.

Say It Isn't So

Like the "Scream"-induced teen-horror revival of the late Nineties, it seems that the 'gross out' comedy movement instigated by "There's Something About Mary" has run its course, with each successive entry inching the genre ever closer to creative bankruptcy. "Say It Isn't So" is a case in point, a so-called comedy which succeeds in not soliciting a single chuckle throughout its entire 93-minute running time. Unfortunately, like "American Pie" and "Whipped", it's clearly evident that some filmmakers have yet to learn the distinction between 'gross' and 'funny'.

Scary Movie 2

 When the inane "Scream" parody "Scary Movie" was unleashed in theaters in 2000, the tagline boasted "No mercy. No shame. No sequel." Well, they lied!

Tomb Raider

Now that the long delay for Lara Croft's fan-boys (and girls) to see their favorite video game vixen in the flesh is finally over, was it worth the wait? Sadly to say, while "Tomb Raider" certainly fares better than such odious game-to-film efforts such as "Super Mario Bros." and "Street Fighter", it is a sluggishly paced film with threadbare story and characters, saved only by a few decent action sequences and the physicality of star Angelina Jolie ("Gone in 60 Seconds"). Alas, "Tomb Raider" n'est pas tres Jolie.

The Rest of the Worst

A short list of only ten films can not begin to convey the appalling lack of quality product being dumped in megaplexes these days. So, for your viewing displeasure, here are some additional dishonorable mentions:

"Double Take", "The Fast and the Furious", "In the Bedroom", "A Knight's Tale", "Planet of the Apes", "Rush Hour 2", "Someone Like You", "Sweet November", "Valentine", and "The Wedding Planner".


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