The MediaCircus Worst 10 Films of 2000

Article by Anthony Leong © Copyright 2001

Unlike choosing the top ten films of the year from among a select few, there were plenty of choices in bad films this year. Narrowing such a large list down to the ten absolute worst, the films that possess no redeeming qualities whatsoever, was not an easy task, but I managed through it, and here goes.

The absolute worst film of the year is:

Battlefield Earth


I think this atrocious effort aptly illustrates how audiences are willing to accept the impossible over the implausible. We will suspend disbelief for aliens conquering Earth, but we will not put up with supposedly technologically-superior beings who act like buffoons and spend all their time laughing at their own jokes. Furthermore, we will not accept that caveman-level human beings will be able to figure out how to fly Harrier jump-jets that have been sitting idle for over 1000 years and successfully liberate the planet with them in the face of the vastly-superior spaceships belonging to the aliens. Frankly, I find the teachings in L. Ron Hubbard's "Dianetics" easier to swallow.


The remaining nine runners-up, listed in alphabetical order:

The Art of War


With every bad action movie cliché thrown in (including the obligatory visit to the strip club), there's no art to be found here. Even die-hard Snipes fans or hard-core action aficionados will find themselves looking for the emergency exits with the ludicrous plot mechanics and hammy dialogue found here.

Black and White


It is beyond me what director James Toback was thinking about when he put "Black and White" together, which is nothing more than an agonizing and frustrating mess of a film. Though it purports to examine race relations in modern-day America, it is nothing more than a pretentious exercise in maudlin drama. Who knows-- maybe he was trying to use up some old film stock before it expired.

Down to You


A truly 'disposable movie', with its throwaway plot, throwaway characters, throwaway subplots, and throwaway dialogue. With no romantic intrigue, no dramatic conflict, and no decent acting to be found, the best part was leaving the theater at the end of this sappy and crappy drivel.

Dungeons & Dragons


Hell, I've seen high school plays with better scripts and acting than this big-budget mess that is far too feeble-minded, lacking both wisdom and intelligence, to be taken seriously by anyone, let alone Dungeons & Dragons enthusiasts.

The Nutty Professor II: The Klumps



Scary Movie


Like last year's "American Pie", this DOA effort confuses the two disparate concepts of 'gross' and 'funny'-- just because you have one, it doesn't necessarily mean you have the other. With an inept script that isn't as smart as it thinks it is, a lot of dead air, and its choppy laundry list of lame gags, you have all the ingredients for something that isn't worth the money, time, or the effort.

Whatever It Takes



What Planet Are You From?


Who would have thought that sex could be so boring?



This is exactly what should be done to the filmmakers behind this pointless effort where unlikable characters, played by amateur actors who don't seem to have the word 'emote' as part of their vocabularies, spew juvenile and insipid comments about sex and relationships.


The Rest of the Worst


With so many bad films to choose from, here are ten other films that deserve a dishonorable mention:

Big Momma's House, Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2, Eye of the Beholder, Get Carter, Gone in Sixty Seconds, Mission to Mars, The Ninth Gate, Romeo Must Die, The Skulls, and The Watcher.


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