The MediaCircus Worst 10 Films of 1999

Article by Anthony Leong © Copyright 2000

The worst ten films of 1999, a list that was much easier to make than the top ten films of 1999, in alphabetical order:

American Pie


This raunchy teen comedy revolving around 'guys trying to get laid' confuses the two distinct concepts of 'gross' and 'funny'... and having the first does not necessarily mean you have the second.

End of Days


Ah-nold is back in this nonsensical religiously-themed action movie where whoever has the most guns wins. "End of Days" is so silly that even the characters question the logic in the middle of the movie.



Plot holes so big that you can drive a truck through them! Laughably clunky dialogue that will make you scream! Catherine Zeta-Jones in a skin-tight catsuit!

The Mod Squad


"The Mod Squad" is hands-down the worst movie of 1999... having to sit through this is considered 'cruel and unusual punishment' in some parts.

Outside Providence


From the creative duo that unleashed "There's Something About Mary" comes an unimpressive and extremely unfunny coming-of-age tale that is about as exciting as watching your loser friends get high.

Random Hearts


Harrison Ford and Kristin Scott Thomas spend two hours boring each other to death in a movie that is as namby-pamby as the title suggests.



When will the folks at Saturday Night Live realize that most five-minute sketches do not translate into feature length movies!

Universal Soldier: The Return


If you like watching bald overweight men beating each other senseless, then this is the movie for you!



Stay at home... don't catch this "Virus".

Wing Commander


About the only thing "Wing Commander" was good for was that it was packaged with the second trailer for "Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace".


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