The MediaCircus Top 10 Films of 1999

Article by Anthony Leong © Copyright 2000

Unlike previous years, 1999 was a very good year for films, with a large number of high caliber productions gracing the megaplexes. Thus, it was very difficult to narrow down to just ten films that would best represent the quality of moviemaking. However, after a long and drawn-out weeding out process, I present to you the top 10 films of 1999, listed in alphabetical order:

American Beauty


Terrific performances and a wickedly witty script are two good reasons to check out this look at suburban dystopia.

Being John Malkovich


"Being John Malkovich" is one of those films that must be seen to be believed. Unconventional in conception,irreverent in execution, and profound in interpretation, a film like this only comes around once in awhile.

The Blair Witch Project


At first, the 'home video' look of "The Blair Witch Project" may seem unsettling, but as you become intrigued by the 'mythology' of the Blair Witch and become familiar with the trio of characters, it becomes very easy to be caught up in the ever-escalating tension of the story.

The Green Mile


With the star power of Tom Hanks, an all-star cast of supporting players, an epic running-time of over three hours, and a powerfully-told story that lays bare the triumphs and tragedies of the human condition, "The Green Mile" is a film that positively deserves an Oscar nomination.

The Hurricane


"The Hurricane" easily ranks among the best films of 1999, and I wouldn't be surprised to see some Oscar nominations go towards this terrific film, particularly in the Best Film, Best Director, or Best Actor categories.

The Insider


Crowe and Pacino headline this superb dramatization of the darkest hour of "60 Minutes", the bastion of responsible journalism.



Despite a few stumbles, "Magnolia" still remains an impressive, if not daring, piece of filmmaking that qualifies among the year's top films. So if you're in the mood for something unconventional, maybe with a dash of the metaphysical, then "Magnolia" just might be the intellectual puzzle you need.

The Matrix


What is "The Matrix"? A slam-bang sci-fi spectacular that shouldn't work, but somehow does. Exceptionally well.

Run Lola Run


A woman has twenty minutes to find 100,000 DM to save her boyfriend's life... see Lola run in "Run Lola Run"... the best foreign film of 1999.

Three Kings


"Three Kings" is a powerful film that is both well-conceived and brilliantly executed, transcending the usual trappings of your average war movie. With its excellent blend of comedy, action, drama, and insight, "Three Kings" can easily be counted among the year's best.

The Rest of the Best

1999 was an exceptionally good year for outstanding films, and here are 10 other films that deserve an honorable mention:

Election, Fight Club, Go, The Iron Giant, The Legend of 1900, Man on the Moon, Music of the Heart, The Sixth Sense, South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut, Toy Story 2


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